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4 Okt 2018 – The term “neck dissection” refers to a surgical procedure in which the fibrofatty contents of the neck are removed for the treatment of cervical lymphatic metastases. Neck dissection is most commonly used in the management of cancers of the upper aerodigestive tract. The neck dissection is a surgical procedure for control of neck lymph node metastasis from squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the head and neck. The aim of the procedure is to remove lymph nodes from one side of the neck into which cancer cells may have migrated. Neck dissection refers to the removal of lymph nodes and surrounding tissue from the neck for the purpose of cancer treatment. The extent of tissue removal . A neck dissection is a surgery to remove lymph nodes from the neck. The lymph nodes in the neck are called cervical lymph nodes. This surgery is also called a cervical lymph node dissection or a cervical lymphadenectomy. 16 Jan 2002 – radical neck dissection (RND). • 1933 and 1941 – Blair and Martin popularized the RND. • 1953 – Pietrantoni recommended sparing the spinal . Since the first description of the radical neck dissection by George Crile almost a century ago, many variations and modifications of the procedure have been ad. 1 Okt 2000 – Selective neck dissection is a procedure that is primarily indicated in patients with clinically negative nodal disease in which there is a high risk . NECK OPERATIVE SURGERY. MODIFIED & RADICAL NECK DISSECTION. Johan Fagan. Neck dissection removes potential or proven metastases to cervical . Selective neck dissection (SND) entails removal of cervical lymph nodes only from selected levels of the neck. It is generally done as an elective neck dissection .

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